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Guess who’s creeping? (at Macy’s Herald Square)

A year ago today, my life changed: ever since that day, I got someone to show me that there’s a reason to love; someone to prove to me that love is more than just a tragic catastrophe. πŸ™β€ @trevor_michael @timothymolloy @woodywoodrow @mattyry from @olnband ☺ || #thankyou #tbt #ayearago #ourlastnight #newyork

Oh, #supermoon πŸŒπŸ’•

LlΓ‘menme loca o farandulera, yo lo llamo amor. β€πŸ™β˜Ί @tonycasas7 @betomonte @rawayana ~ πŸ“·: @diana_wood || #fbf to last night! (at HOT 94.1 FM)

#MyLifeAsTheRoxyBlaise originated by @GuayiGP ~ So, yesterday… was a long-emotional-exhausting-awesome-crazy day. Work, school, rain, failed plans. But, the Venezuelan bandΒ RawayanaΒ was gonna be at a radio show (at a station that’s in the mall across my house) right after I had gotten home from class. I joked about going to “visit” them and the radio host, Luis, was really up for the idea. I had no one to go with and it was “late” at night soΒ I decided to send some tweets and listen to the show. Once it was on air, they read my tweet; lead singer, Beto, at first was like “why didn’t she come?” they laughed on how “I had no one to take me” and when Luis said my FULL NAME, Beto instantly said “Oh, she’s a friend of the band”. I had a small heart attack, of course. A song came up and I sent a picture of me being literally across the mall, and when they came back on air, Luis was like “Oh, so she’s listening to the show, for the first time, because you guys are here!” and Beto replied “Oh, yeah! That’s how sexy we are. You’re missing out. And I say this in all seriousness, you’re missing out!”. Something took over me, and before I knew it, I had asked my mom to drive me and I was walking down the stairs to the radio station. Saw them from the “window” that the cabin has towards halls from the mall, and the bass player (Tony, whom I hadn’t really met like Beto or the drummer) waved at me so excited. I feign demence and waited for them to come out (the show was gonna be over in like 10 minutes). Once in the hall, Tony came and hugged me “thank you so much for coming!” and then Beto was like “We love you, Roxy!!!” I tried explaining my outfit and how long of a day I had had, and Beto just went and said like a small kid on Christmas “are we taking a picture?!” and I complained about my Blackberry and he said not to worry, “we’ll take it with mine”. And again, before I knew it, they were both hugging me and Beto’s (always so nice and lovely) girlfriend took a couple of pictures. We hugged again and talk really quick before we were all walking separate ways. I was unable to actually greet Luis, but it was all so crazy and funny and lovely, and very much something I’d have done in NY but never in my own country. How crazy am I, now?

As silly as many may think, I’ve practically seen #BabyNoah grow the past year. He has filled many lives with love & happiness. Time does fly by, and I just hope he continues to have the most amazing life he deserves! Also, his dad is pretty good looking, so I might as well include him as my #mancrushmonday πŸ˜‚ this was him with the matching shirt I got for his boy, and the drawing I made of them both taking a nap when he was barely a few days old. {8.12.2013} πŸ‘ΆπŸ’–πŸ™ @trevor_michael

This is a post worth reposting. Exactly a year ago, I was lucky enough to walk the streets of #Manhattan #NYC and run into the one & only #MattBomer ☺ the fact that he said #Caracas when I said I was from #Venezuela, still blows my mind. Also, a few days earlier (7.30) I got to hear @tim_dekay’s voice in person, which was amazing. They both were nothing but the sweetest, even though the crew from #WhiteCollar kept rushing them away. Besides feeling a little heartbroken that this show is coming to an end, I couldn’t feel happier to have had such an incredible opportunity: meeting the actors of my favorite TV show, and even seeing some filming on-location. πŸ™β€ || #tbt #fbf #selfiesaturday #fangirling

~Impersonating @therealjimparsons just because it’s finally Friday~

~Impersonating @therealjimparsons because my #giraffe mug is pretty badass!~

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