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I mean, I just had to #flashbackfriday » Happy π Day! from the smartest place on earth, MIT ❤ ~ next year is gonna be cooler tho! 😏 #talknerdytome #fbf #happypiday #mit @mitpics #massave #massachusetts #cambridge


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Our Last Night - UK Tour Update 2014 (x)

Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Please forgive us, Jesus, because we’re gay. I’m sorry Jesus for the illegal shit i’ve done. Don’t know if it was worth it but fuck it it was fun. Fuck it it was fun. Jesus hell yeah! Satan hell (hell no!) yeah! Hell no! We love both you guys. Everyone is equal. You guys would be so cute together. Jesus, you are sexy. Satan, you’re pretty hot too. I would have a three some with both of you. That was what I do. If you could just get the fuck alone that would be great. I’m sure Jesus sucks a mean dick. Satan would appreciate.

Haha this!!!


Our Last Night - Dark Storms 

¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Mami/Juli! 🎉❤ tanto que decirte y no saber como… 🙈🙊 || #tbt #throwbackthursday #topotepy #jardinestopotepuy #happybirthday #mom

"No matter what we do or say, they try to make us fade away…
They take our voices away.” ~ 💛💙💔 #sosvenezuela #prayforvenezuela #resistenciavzla

.@OLNBand ~ @TrevorOLN @WoodyOLN @Timothymolloy @MattOLN .Below the description, just so you know I did put a lot of thought to it:

  • Clouds, plane, parachute (Head in the clouds, can’t break me now. I jumped off this plane, ‘cause it was going down. My parachute, I’ve got nothing left to lose): I’ve Never Felt This Way
  • Worms on bones (When the worms are eating your bones): A Sun That Never Sets
  • Black butterfly: “We Will All Evolve” album artwork
  • Enemy word shaped as a gun (you took the first shot with a bullet you created): Enemy
  • Warning sign (even with a warning, I couldn’t have fixed us to save my life): Reason to Love
  • Sand clock (I spent all my time depending on you + inspired on Trevor’s tattoo): I’ve Never Felt This Way
  • Pretty faces hide dirty secrets” sign: Reality Without You
  • The grave (I won’t go to my grave, until a difference is made/Can we change the grave that was dug for us?): Sunrise/Fate
  • Chains (I’m breaking free, from your chains that held me): I’ve Never Felt This Way
  • The anchor (Anchored down with guilt): Dark Storms
  • Lines marking a trace in circles (My mind was spinning in circles, so out of control): Scared of Change
  • World upside down (Convinced there is no way out, my world is turned upside down): Same Old War
  • Umbrella and rain (I took cover from the rain, ‘cause it was pouring down): I’ve Never Felt This Way
  • Numbers around Matt (I’m just a number to you, just ones and twos): Dark Storms
  • Red lines/circles (Hypnotizing, you had us under your spell): Conspiracy
  • Invincible sign: Invincible
  • Sign with different “directions” (My sense of direction’s been gone, for so long/Are there choices around me, or am I stuck on a one-way road? These questions need answers): Same Old War/Fate
  • Piano keys: (mainly for) Sunrise
  • Book and buildings burning and fading dollar signs (I can feel the pages burning/Sat back and relaxed as the buildings burned; and as they count their money, the starving die): Scared of Change/Age Of Ignorance
  • Playing “Johnny Cupcakes” Cards (Can’t take back the cards you dealt on this long and lonely road to hell/And while the money speaks for the KINGS and QUEENS): Dark Storms/Voices
  • Stars surrounding the cards (I’ve been wishing upon a star): Same Old War
  • Fallen glass with blood (You come out at night heartless and thirsty for blood): Send Me to Hell
  • An “elephant” in pieces (It’s hard when you’re alone to pick up the pieces): Elephants/Reason to Love
  • A key and fingerprints by Tim (There were never any fingerprints to hide; I found the key, liberate me!):  Liberate Me
  • Sunrise” artwork in the back ground:
  • Oak Island EP” artwork at the bottom
  • Sailing boat (We sailed across the ocean with a boat we built): Across The Ocean
  • The boys with their mouths covered (They take our voices away/You took my voice, you took my pride): Voices/Liberate Me
  • Trevor making half heart sign with his hand as he does during “Fate

This is seriously one of my favorite artworks I’ve done to date!

"And eyes that can’t see that happiness is so far out of reach…"

La @VidaBoheme ‘s “Será” ~ @henrydarthenay @DanielDSDccs @ChevyAyala @RafaelPMedina

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